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Idomizue's Back! And A Quick Life Update

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Back in April, Idomizue hit its one-year mark and then disappeared from the social media scene. Around the same time, the new school year began in Japan. If you’re a new reader here, you’re probably wondering why in the world that applies to me. 

I wrote about my journey to Japan in a September post "Permission to Dream"

One year ago, on August 21st, 2022, I stepped foot on Japanese soil for the first time, breathed in the hot humid air of Tokyo Haneda Airport, and took a picture with America's favorite Sanrio character, Hello Kitty. I was overjoyed that my dream of traveling to Japan came true! The journey to that moment was all so fast and so surreal. With that said, I’m still here working as an Assistant Language Teacher for the world-renowned JET Program, and I’m still in awe of this beautiful country. My heart shimmers with giddiness and excitement when I think of where I’ve come from and the place my God has brought me. 

My very first English Teacher Cafe, where teachers can practice English!

Since the beginning of the new school year, my schedule has become pretty busy as I’ve been helping with lesson plans, doing English club, and volunteering in my community. Almost every month has been an adventure with its highs and lows. 

I taught Elementary students "This Little Light of Mine" dance and performed it.

In May, I celebrated my birthday with friends and co-workers and was broke-broke by the end of that month. Although my wallet was empty, my heart was full because I received so much love from the people around me and I’m still so grateful to all of them! 

In June, I created the most beautiful scavenger hunt lesson about Juneteenth complete with an eye-catching presentation and worksheets made using Canva! This plan won the approval and praise of my co-workers and I thought surely my kids would love it too! In the classroom,  it was THE absolute worst plan for my students.

A noteworthy positive thing that happened in June was that I was nominated and became area leader over ALTs across 6 different towns/cities which was surprising. God’s always putting me in leadership positions and I don't know why, but I said, "Yes Lord."

My prefecture and hearts of some ALTs in my area

In July, summer vacation started with karaoke, good food, and lots of fun. Somewhere in the middle, it took a turn for the worst… First, I failed my driving test for my Japanese license, then I backed into some lady's car, and I ended up at the police station which is a whole side story I’ll save for later. All is well, it was just an embarrassing stressful moment I've learned from and want to quickly move past. 

My Japanese driver's license!!!

August has been for the win because I went back and passed my Japanese Driver’s Test, I went to some local festivals, and right now as you’re reading I’m spending my last week of summer vacation traveling around in the Philippines with mi hermanas from Bible Study. 

Our trip to the beach in the Philippines!

The school will be back in session for the fall season come August 28th, but Idomizue won’t be going off the radar so soon because there’s a lot that Jesus has been doing in my life that I’m more than excited to share. 

So, now that y’all are caught up with me and how I’ve been doing, I'll share with you 3 great hits of Japan and some misses that have made me miss home in the next post, Hits and Misses of Japan! 


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