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Permission to Dream

Right now, I’m living a life that used to be only a dream. A “Some day” statement. Someday, I’ll go to Japan. Some day I’ll teach English abroad. Some day.

When the day to leave was quickly approaching, I was excited, nervous, and harboring a little doubt thinking “It’ll only be real when I step foot in Japan.”

My family and I set off to Miami on Friday, August 19th so I could take the bus from the hotel to Miami International Airport Saturday, August 20th, at 3:30 in the morning. The hotel room was set up and paid for, all I had to do was give my name.

When the day to go to Miami International Airport finally arrived, I woke up at 3:30 am and panicked! I thought, ‘I can’t believe I missed the bus! I hope I’m not late for the airport assembly time!’

As I stumbled and scrambled to get myself together and the sleep from my eyes, the phone rang.

My mom picked it up. It was the bus! They called for me! They said that they’d be waiting for me! I was quickly rushed down, with no chance to say sweet deep goodbyes. Not at all. It was like God was launching me off at light speed and there was no way I could miss it. No turning back.

My parents were bosses that morning. They made sure that I didn’t miss my opportunity. If only you could’ve seen how quickly they moved.

Sunday afternoon, August 21st, I stepped foot in Japan, and it’s been a month already! Yet still, every day is still like a dream. It's truly an adventure. I made it! I’m excited and overall I’m so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a teacher. Knowing this dream has come true, I know that other dreams I have in my heart can come true as well.

God has shown me that with each dream, I have permission to dream it and plan to go after it. You too have permission to dream your dreams, you can go after them. You can go for it! People may laugh, or you, yourself may doubt the very dream God has put inside of you. Don’t let it stop you.

The message’s simple: You and I have permission to dream today.

If there is a dream you’ve been withholding yourself from pursuing because of circumstantial matters, or you have doubt that it will be possible, it’s time to surrender that dream to the God of the impossible. He’s better at making a way than we are, God only asks for your faith.

That faith can look like a small step, it can look like years of working a part-time job no one understands, and it can look like writing your dream on a piece of paper. It can look like setting aside a date on your calendar, or it can be simply telling someone about your dream. Be wise and discerning about who you tell and how you pursue.

So far, from pursuing my dream I’ve inspired family and friends to do the same! Dreams have been stirred and ignited. What’s your dream? Write it down today. Share with someone. I will be praying for you.


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